Benefits from Dental Crown Treatment

If you suffer structural damage to one of your teeth, your dentist might restore your smile with a dental crown. This ceramic cap fits over the affected tooth, sealing into place with dental cement for long-lasting protection.

Its durable material and secure custom fit ensure you can feel confident in the way this fixture looks and feels in your smile. But you can feel more at ease receiving this dental treatment when you know more specifics about what a crown can offer your oral health. Read on to find four of the many benefits you can expect with a dental crown.

dental crown restorative benefits

4 Uses for Dental Crowns

Replace Weakened Tooth Enamel

Your teeth feature an outer shell called enamel that covers and protects the vulnerable interior of your teeth. Though durable, enamel may erode over time, leaving weak spots in this barrier of your teeth. Your dental health might be threatened by plaque and other dangers.

Enamel will not regrow, but your dentist can restore your dental structure by replacing enamel with a dental crown. It will provide a shield for your damaged tooth that comes with a protective cement seal. You can lower your risk of further dental harm and see relief from tooth sensitivity and other symptoms.

Repair Tooth Breakage

Your teeth can withstand wear and tear from chewing and biting without issue usually. But high amounts of pressure may cause a tooth to crack, chip, or fracture. This tooth breakage will disrupt the look of your smile, but it may also make your teeth vulnerable to dental dangers like bacteria.

Your dentist can cover this tooth breakage with a dental crown, restoring the shape of your tooth along with its appearance. It will also shield this dental injury, sealing this vulnerable spot from potential threats and keeping your smile safe. Your dentist can also use a crown to cover a tooth after drilling away advanced tooth decay.

Whiten Discolored Teeth

While known for its restorative advantages, a dental crown can also give you cosmetic dental benefits. Dentists build crowns on a custom basis for each patient. They factor in the size, shape, and color of their smiles for a natural and gorgeous finish.

This means they can consider a patient’s smile aesthetic goals as well. If a tooth has extensive staining or other stubborn discoloration, they can cover the stains with a crown.

This will give the tooth a brighter, whiter appearance, boosting the look of the tooth. The crown will resist staining too, ensuring long-lasting effects.

Support Other Dental Treatments

Dental crowns offer plenty of benefits as their own treatment. But these fixtures can also complement and support other types of dental work. For instance, a crown will cover a tooth to preserve it at the conclusion of root canal therapy.

Dentists will also use a dental crown as a prosthetic tooth that will fit atop a single dental implant. Call your dentist to learn how a dental crown can help you achieve your unique dental goals today.