Waterlase Dentistry Burke, VA

Laser technology has transformed dental care and enables dentists to provide more accurate, less invasive treatment for various dental health needs or concerns. Dr. Mia uses laser dentistry in a variety of ways to treat both hard and soft tissues for both cosmetic and oral health-related reasons.

The Waterlase iPlus can be utilized by Dr. Mia and our dental care team to address tooth decay, gum disease, and cosmetic concerns related to the appearance of the gums. Laser dentistry precludes the need for dental drills and other tools that can cause anxiety during treatment. Patients can often receive laser therapy without anesthesia, and post-treatment downtime is significantly reduced.

waterlase dentistry burke va

Benefits of Laser Dentistry with Waterlase

The Waterlase iPlus laser offers key benefits for patients. It can improve your experience in the dentist’s chair and your result.

  • Accuracy: dental lasers can offer pinpoint accuracy when treating oral tissue, limiting the impact on surrounding tissue.
  • Safety: dental lasers are both safe and hygienic. The laser energy will minimize bacteria by sterilizing the tissue being treated.
  • Efficiency: with less bleeding and trauma, most patients will heal faster after laser treatment, especially when the soft tissues are being treated. Dr. Mia can often help patients avoid oral surgery with laser dentistry when addressing periodontal concerns.

Waterlase: how does it work?

The Waterlase iPlus dental laser combines laser energy, water, and air to create a directed stream that can penetrate hard and soft tissues. Dr. Mia can use the handheld laser to directly treat tooth enamel or gum tissue without damaging adjacent tissue. The laser is quiet and does not cause pain while treating the teeth or gums.

Our dental care team will clean the area to be treated before beginning your laser treatment. The laser is used chairside and will be directed at the tissue to be treated. The laser can gently remove decayed tooth enamel or infected gum tissue without discomfort, stimulating the natural healing process.

After treatment, most patients are able to resume their daily routine. Laser therapy produces less bleeding, swelling, and residual discomfort. Dr. Mia will discuss what to expect after laser therapy and provide any necessary aftercare or dietary restrictions.