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Are your wisdom teeth causing pain and discomfort? Do you have a tooth abscess or infection? Sometimes, removing problem teeth can prevent complications and save other natural teeth for patients with infected, impacted, and overcrowded teeth. Dental extractions are general dental treatments that prevent tooth pain and the spread of dental infection. At Smiles by Mia, we perform comfortable tooth extraction treatments for patients in Burke, VA. 

Dental Extraction in Fairfax, Virginia

Tooth Extraction Treatment in Burke, VA

Our dental office provides simple or complex tooth extractions. Simple extractions remove teeth above the gum line. We use a local anesthetic to numb the treated area, then gently rock the tooth back and forth to remove it from the socket. Complex extractions remove teeth that are at or below the gum line. We utilize anesthetic and general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort during this treatment. We may need to cut the gum tissue to access teeth during complex extractions.

After tooth extractions, we place gauze over the tooth socket. Covering and protecting the socket helps create blood clots after several hours of bleeding. Blood clots cover the sensitive nerves in the bone tissue. If this clot is dislodged, patients can experience dry socket, a highly painful dental problem.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final permanent teeth that emerge behind the back molars. Typically, these teeth erupt when patients are in their late teenage years or early twenties. However, they can emerge earlier or later in life.

Although not every patient needs their wisdom teeth removed, they can become a problem for many patients. The most common wisdom teeth problem is impaction. Impacted teeth do not have enough room to erupt, so they can grow sideways, dig into other teeth, and cause overcrowding.

Patients with impacted teeth can experience pain and discomfort in the back of their mouth. At routine appointments, we take dental x-rays to track when the wisdom teeth emerge. If you feel your wisdom teeth emerging behind your molars, please call our office, and we will determine if you need an extraction. Wisdom teeth extractions can prevent the risk of further pain, infection, and impaction. 

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