Burke, VACustom Mouthguard

Sports mouthguards are beneficial for patients who play contact sports. Patients must wear a mouthguard for any sport with contact between players, including lacrosse, hockey, basketball, or soccer. Wearing a custom sports mouthguard protects teeth and metal braces from damage. Hits to the face can result in breaks, cracks, fractures, and even tooth loss. Our office offers customized sports mouthguards as a general dental treatment for patients of all ages in Burke, VA.

Custom Sports Mouthguard in Fairfax, Virginia

The Benefits of Custom-Made Sports Mouthguards 

Custom sports mouthguards offer many advantages to patients. Mouthguards offer protection from tooth damage, bone loss, and even face and neck injuries. Our mouthguards provide a comfortable, proper fit. Wearing a properly fitting mouthguard can also prevent the need for cosmetic or restorative care. Patients can require extensive dental care if they break an oral appliance or multiple teeth. 

Many patients who wear store-bought sports mouthguards find themselves clenching their teeth to keep their mouthguards in place. These mouthguards can easily fall out of the mouth because they don’t offer a custom fit. Alternatively, professionally-made, custom mouthguards stay in the mouth so patients can focus on their game. Custom sports mouthguards also make it easier for patients to speak and drink.

Receiving a Custom Sports Mouthguard in Burke, VA

We take accurate dental impressions to create customized sports mouthguards. Our dentists send these impressions to a dental lab that creates the mouthguard out of flexible, rubber-like plastic. Once the mouthguard is complete, we fit them over patients’ teeth to ensure their comfort. 

Patients should clean their sports mouthguards with soap and warm water, avoiding hot water because it can warp the mouthguard. After cleaning the mouthguard, patients can place their appliance in its case. We do not recommend that patients wrap their mouthguard in a paper towel or napkin, as they can accidentally throw away their appliance! 

Schedule a Dental Appointment 

Do you need a sports mouthguard for the next season? Contact our office for a custom-made mouthguard at (571) 789-1265. You may also request a dental consultation with us on our website. If you have any questions about receiving a sports mouthguard, let us know, and we can help.