Ideal Candidates for Implant Dentistry

Dental patients can find the most comprehensive restorative benefits when they replace missing teeth with dental implants. These fixed dental prosthetics will improve oral function, boost the look of the smile, and prevent further oral health complications after tooth loss.

Though the advantages seem clear, not every patient will qualify for this treatment. Dentists will consult with a patient and evaluate their dental needs and structure to learn if these devices are right for them. Read on to find three qualities a dentist will look for in a patient before giving them dental implants.

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3 Characteristics of Good Dental Implant Patients

Seeking Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

Dentists consider dental implants to be a permanent restorative treatment because it is a fixed device that relies on titanium post anchors within the jaw to support prosthetic teeth. So the patients who receive this treatment must be in need of a long-term solution to missing teeth.

Some patients might prefer removable dentures, which they can take out of the mouth when not needed per their comfort. But these appliances will require additional care and maintenance and will likely only last five years before needing replacement. Patients with dental implants can feel confident that their device will not slip out of place at an inopportune moment.

Strong and Stable Jawbone Structure

Dental implants rely on support from the anchor within the jaw. As you heal from the surgery to place these anchors, they fuse to the bone in the jaw for optimal support. Because of this, you will need to have enough strong and healthy jawbone to sustain the anchor of the implant.

Jawbone will start to deteriorate when you experience tooth loss, and dental implants can prevent this effect. But if you have lost too much bone already, then the jaw might be too weak to support an implant.

If this occurs, your dentist might recommend a bone graft to build more structure to the jaw. Your dentist will evaluate the health of your jaw using x-ray imaging taken during a consult appointment.

Commitment to Multi-Step Implant Process

If you are interested in replacing lost teeth with dental implants, you should be aware that this will not be an instantaneous process. You will need to attend three or more appointments with your dentist over the course of three or four months to finish this treatment. So these patients must understand the commitment that the treatment requires.

You will need an initial consultation with your dentist, oral surgery to receive the anchors of the implant, and a placement procedure for your custom prosthetic teeth after the surgical sites heal. Patients will need to remain patient during this process and the recovery.

It helps to maintain focus on the end results that will make this treatment worth it: long-lasting full mouth restoration. Learn what your personalized tooth replacement treatment will entail when you schedule an appointment with your dentist.