Dangers of Teeth as Tools

In a world of convenience, it’s easy to fall into the habit of using our teeth as tools for various tasks. From tearing open packaging to gripping objects, our teeth often play a role beyond what they should. But, this seemingly harmless habit comes with huge risks. Rather than looking for convenience, you need to protect your teeth and your oral health. You may find yourself with a cracked tooth or an illness. 

It is easy to use your teeth as tools, especially if it makes your life quicker and easier. While our teeth are strong, they can’t handle every task. This can lead to potential damage if you ignore the risks. 

Dangers of Teeth as Tools

Issues Associated with Teeth as Tools

If you use your teeth for more than just eating, you can create a lot of damage. 

Chipping and Cracking

Your enamel helps protect your teeth from harmful bacteria and other harmful substances. But, it can be sensitive to pressure and force. Teeth are sensitive structures that are prone to chipping or cracking when you use them for unintended purposes.  This can cause immediate damage that needs treatment right away. 

Chipping your teeth can leave you vulnerable to dental erosion and tooth decay. If you have a break in your enamel, bacteria can find its way into your tooth. As a result, the bacteria can eat away at the inner structure of your tooth.  

Enamel Erosion

Enamel is the outside protective layer of your teeth that helps support your teeth. This layer shields teeth from external factors. However, using your teeth as tools can wear down this protective layer over time. You can prematurely wear down your teeth when you chew on non-food items. 

When you erode your enamel, you increase your chances of developing tooth decay. Enamel erosion raises dental issues, such as cavities or tooth sensitivity. This can compromise your oral health. 

Gum Trauma

Your teeth are not the only part of your mouth that can get damaged. The soft tissues of your mouth are delicate. This means that you can traumatize the gum tissues. As a result, it can lead to irritation or inflammation. For example, your teeth may slip when opening a package. The plastic can cut your gums, causing bleeding. It can increase your chances of an infection as well. 

Also, repeated trauma can contribute to gum recession. Gum recession typically occurs when you develop gum disease. However, using your teeth as tools can also cause your gums to pull away. This will expose the tooth roots and cause discomfort or tooth decay. 

Infections and Health Risks

When you use your teeth as tools, you can expose your body to harmful bacteria. If you put keys or even your fingernails in your mouth, you transfer bacteria from the object into your mouth. Unfortunately, this can have significant consequences for your overall health. 

This can lead to oral infections or other illnesses.